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National Housing and Construction Company Ltd (NHCC) is a 49-year old entity mandated to develop housing and real estate in Uganda. NHCC was privatized under the Public Enterprises Reform Divestiture (PERD) Act (Cap 98) and falls under the category of state enterprises. Pursuant to this NHCC was transformed into a Limited Liability Company, registered under the Companies Act (Cap 110). NHCC is owned by the Government of Uganda (with 51% shareholding) and Libyan Government through LAICO (with 49% shareholding).

National Housing (NH) invites those persons/companies who have the resources to express their interest and register with the company for discussions on partnerships in housing development. This can be done in any of the following ways:

Proposal Submission

The interested persons/companies are asked to first submit short written proposals showing the kind of partnership they envisage and a description of the resources they wish to bring to the partnership.

The proposals should be submitted to the address below:
The Chief Executive Officer
Crested Tower Building ,Plot 17, Hannington Road
P.O. Box 659 Kampala.
Plot No .5, 7th Street Industrial Area
Tel. 0312 119318
Fax. 0414 258708

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