Home Purchase Payment Schemes

Home Ownership Schemes

  • Under this option the purchaser shall pay 100% of the purchase price on offer. The payment shall be made to the NHCC Bank accounts indicated in this offer letter within three (3) months from the date of this offer letter, failure of which the offer shall lapse. 
  • Mortgage; the client is introduced to any partner banks for a mortgage facility which is payable in upto 25years.
  • Under this option payment shall be made as follows;
  • At least 20% initial deposit payable direct to NHCC with in 14 (Fourteen) calendar days from the date of offer.
  • 40% payable at shell level.
  • 40% payable on completion of turnkey.
  • It is company policy to offer discounted prices to customers depositing on project units before or while in construction. This aimed at encouraging customer deposit earlier on during project construction to facilitate project construction and reduce the impact of finance charges on project pricing. Consequently, customers depositing at the different levels of project construction will be given price discounts in respect of financing charges.
This option shall apply to completed housing units on selected estates only. The client will pay 50% of the unit purchase price and agree to an amortization schedule not more than three years from the time of project completion. The client will pay rent of a reducing balance until fully recovery of unit purchase price.
  • The option is a purely rent arrangement availed in complete estate to give a client ample time in making a purchase decision.

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